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Guest RV Space Request

This is only available for OSU fans and not offered to the visitors. We do not allow the showing of any opponent’s flags, signage, or their team decorations in Lot 74. Not abiding by these guidelines and Lot 74 rules will result in a visitor being ask to leave. If you are not a member of the OK State Ranges and would like to purchase an open RV spot for an upcoming football game, fill out the guest reservation form below. We will try to accommodate your request on a first come, first serve basis when one of our members cannot attend a game and allows us to rent out their spot. There are two additional RV lots for visitors and non-Posse (Lots 84 and 112). The cost for a guest RV spot in Lot 74 is $150 per game.

2024 Guest RV Request Form-Lot 74

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