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You may contact the State Rangers concerning our organization at:

OK State Rangers
Oklahoma State University
120 AG North, Box 1036
Stillwater, OK 74078

Website and Lot 74 Space Management
Jeffery Behymer — Director of Media

General Questions

You may contact Posse concerning lot 74 parking at:

OSU Posse
102 Athletics Center
Stillwater, OK 74078-5070

Phone: (405) 744-7301

OK State Rangers Officers

Henry Heinrich

Danny Morris
First Vice President

Lee Caesar, Jr.
Second Vice President

Jerri Mickles

Vickie Scharp

Jeff Behymer
Director of Media

Note: If you want to park your RV in lot 74 for events on campus other than home football games, you can obtain a parking permit for $20 per day at the parking office located at 1006 West Hall of Fame, Monday thru Friday from 7:30 am to 5:30 pm.