RV Parking Lots

The State Rangers RV parking lot 74 is a Posse lot containing 94 parking spaces with full electric hookups. It is located at the corner of Hall of Fame Avenue and Walnut Street. Posse handles the parking space renewals and reservations. If you have been accepted in the lot and have paid all billings related to RV parking, you should be receiving your parking passes from Posse sometime in August.

Lot 74 Waiting List

To be placed on the waiting list, you must complete the OSU RV Parking Lot 74 Waiting List Application Online Form and submit it before July 1st. We are no longer using the mail-in form. The waiting list is kept on a first come, first serve basis. You will be placed at the bottom of the list based upon the entry ID. You do not need to resubmit each year, and you do not need to qualify for Posse parking to be on the list. However, if in the future you are offered a space, you will be required to meet all parking qualifications prior to being granted a parking space. Those on the list will move up if the people above you drop off the list or receive a space in lot 74. If you are offered a parking space and refuse or do not reply to 3 emails that are sent to you in the month of July offering you a space, you will be removed from the waiting list. If you request to remain on the waiting list, you will be added back to the bottom of the list. The waiting list, as of July 1st, will be used to fill any spaces in lot 74 that are not renewed from the previous year.

If you desire to be on the waiting list, you must use the online registration form with the link located on this page, fill it out, and submit it. There is no cost to be on the waiting list and you do not need to be a member of State Rangers. When you are offered a space in lot 74, you will need to qualify for Posse parking that includes the donation level of $2,500 including a $625 donation for the State Ranger Lot, have football season tickets, and own a qualifying RV. Of the $625 donation, $500 goes to an endowment for a football scholarship in the name of the State Rangers, and $125 goes toward electric and maintenance for your RV space.

Example of donations needed to qualify for an RV spot in Lot 74:

$1,360 Football Donor Seating
$500 Scholarship (RV Spot)
$125 Maintenance (RV Spot)
$515 Additional donation needed to qualify for POSSE Priority Parking minimum
$2500 Total Minimum Donations

Note: Your football ticket price is excluded from your annual donation amount and does not count toward POSSE Parking.

Alternate Posse RV Parking

Lot 81 is an RV lot located just north of the new IT building. Entrance to the lot is at the southwest corner of McDonald Street and Scott Avenue. It has 34 RV parking spaces with full electric hookups. This is be a Posse lot requiring a Posse football parking pass of any level. It will be a filled on a first come, first serve basis with no reservations accepted. The lot will open at 5:30 pm on Friday prior to every home game. Once lot 81A is filled, RVers will be directed to the other Posse RV parking lots 71 and 102 which have no hookups. Lot 71 is on the west side of Willis just north of Hall of Fame. and lot 102 is at the Library Annex building on North Boomer Road.

Non-Posse RV Parking

Non-Posse RV parking is available in lots 84 and 112. Both of these lots are located east of Willis, north of McElroy. All RV parking lots open at 5:30 pm the evening prior to a home football game and must be vacated the day following the game. All correspondence concerning the RV parking lot, with the exception of the waiting list, should be directed to Posse.